Hi there Young, Energic, and Creative talented people !

We encourage you to join us as intern to get the feel working on creative environment as well as profesional world. We held 4 intership terms every years. Open for every student in every degree everywhere. Each terms is on :

  • Batch 01, January – March
  • Batch 02, April – June
  • Batch 03, July – August
  • Batch 04, Sept – December

Each batch we usually only accept 4-6 sellected candidate. You will learn real world experience here as well as real task. We will treat you simillar like other creative worker here in the studios. The process to apply as intern in Hicca Studios is :

  1. Prepare your folio and resume
  2. Fill the google form here (if the form is not available mean intern quota is full/not available)
    Batch 01 | Batch 02 | Batch 03 | Batch 04
  3. Wait for the test/assignment
  4. Getting ready to come to Hicca Studios

So what are you waiting for ? Prepare your folio and join us creating creative content here !